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Eco-friendly service

24-hours caring funeral service

24 hours caring funeral service

  • 24 hours caring personal service

  • Prepaid funeral service

  • Private chapel of rest

  • Green and Eco-friendly

  • Family run business

A dignified funeral service for your loved one

From choosing a suitable coffin or casket to picking the right floral tribute, we will guide you through each stage. At R. G. Peate Funeral Director we offer prepaid funeral services, ensuring you are afforded the time to grieve whilst we take on the burden of organizing everything on your behalf.

Prepaid funeral service in Welshpool

  • Golden Charter Funeral Plans

  • Ecoffin

  • Colourful Coffins

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Compassionate service from R. G. Peate Funeral Director

We will help you fulfil your loved one's funeral wishes with our extensive expertise. We cater to customers in Llanfair Caereinion, Welshpool, Powys and surrounding areas.

Some people prefer to receive flowers from close family members and to choose an organisation or charity for people to donate to instead of buying flowers. As part of the funeral planning service we at R. G. Peate Funeral Director will take care of whatever arrangements you want putting in place.

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